“The best yoga studio! Thank you Mindy Leventhal for bringing this amazing group of people and teachers together!   It's such a special community of like minded people.  RSE, January 2019”

“The best yoga studio! Thank you Mindy Leventhal for bringing this amazing group of people and teachers together!

It's such a special community of like minded people.

RSE, January 2019”

Dear Mindy and All at Simply Yoga,

November being designated as a month of Thanks, and a time to give and show gratitude provides me with an opportunity to express my Thanks to you.

I came to Simply Yoga in January 2014, soon after moving to Delray Beach. I told you then how I was looking for and hoping to find a “yoga home”. I have found so much more. I have found friends who share values, practices and humor. I have found a place of refuge where I am comfortable, yet challenged; at peace yet seeking, always learning and always safe.

The selection of yoga class styles is varied, yet very much in harmony. As in beautiful music, many distinctive notes create the melody. Each teacher has a distinctive style and personality. As in a beautiful tapestry all fibers are not the same color, nor stitch. The ability to bring so many exceptional teachers and attract so many respectful, serious and dedicated students is a testimony to your energy and love. As in beautiful crystals, the energy to grow, form and radiate is unseen, yet very much in evidence to those who take the time to learn.

I thank you, Mindy, for bringing all this beauty, truth and spirit together in a wonderful sacred space and I am so grateful to call it my Yoga home.

With Peace and Love from my Open Heart,
— SW
Dear Mindy,
I had the experience of two wonderful instructors, with whom I had not yet practiced. Each was distinctive and both were fantastic!! You attract such a terrific variety of instructors, all of whom honor the service that is teaching, guiding, leading. There is no apparent ego in any of these wonderful teachers’ approach and the classes and students are as respectful as the environment created. I don’t need to keep telling you how happy and blessed I am at having found Simply Yoga, but I want to. I hope that my sharing these thoughts brings you happiness and if you ever doubt that the Yoga practice you’ve brought to Delray doesn’t meet your expectations, be assured that they exceed mine! Enough gushing, just wanted to let you know.” SW, Summer 2014.

"Dear Mindy, I just wanted to let you know that I really love Mitches class. He is perfection, his voice, his patience and his calmness he really is great .. thanks, DF",2016"

Dear Mindy,

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I treasure you and your amazing studio. I always knew there was something special about your incredible place. But it has been even further validated meeting two amazing people that I have connected with so deeply that both feel the same way. I constantly talk with Prema and Jessica about how beautiful and genuine of a space you have created and how wonderful of a community and family it feels like every time you walk in the door. Thank you so much for being you and sharing such your gift. We love you!!!
— SR
I have always believed that the teacher does indeed appear when the student is ready, and I have found an amazing array of teachers at Simply Yoga (also love the name). Each person with whom I’ve taken a class has been wonderful and competent and compassionate. I know I’ve expressed to you a few times how grateful I am to have this lovely Yoga sanctuary so close and so open to me. Thank you for providing a “home” for us who seek the Union that is yoga.
— SW
In moving to Florida, I not only got the grace of sunshine and sea, but with deep gratitude, I became a part of the Simply Yoga community...a true blessing! Seena
— A
I am enjoying your studio and the classes very much. It’s been an incredible journey and I am loving all the new experiences. It’s like being on the threshold of a whole new world and I am excited for all the discovery. And the end results are just fantastic. I have never felt so healthy, so calm & balanced. its awesome.
— LM
It is necessary to let you know today’s class was incredible! Julie is serene, articulate & beautifully poised with a splash of humor. The more classes I attend, the more I love Simply Yoga. 4 out of the 6 in our group had never set foot in a studio. The fifth, my friend, Natacha practices sporadically. In the end, we all left with lightness, barely skimming the ground as we let our Sunday come to us.

I was drawn to your studio intuitively and feel blessed to have a new loving space in which to practice. Furthermore, it’s flat out great to be able to invite my friends who are new to the practice (and more intimidated than they’d like to admit) to a haven without pretense or ego.
— VZ
Every so often I take a class at SY that resonates or grabs me…and often for different reasons. Today, 10/24, I had the opportunity to take a Hatha class with Kat teaching. She was “subbing” for another wonderful teacher, Jill, and I knew with either of these accomplished guides, my journey would be lovely.
Both of these instructors have vocal power on their side; each has a very distinctive and commanding voice that bridges the direction-giving and soothing, encouraging aspects of a successful Yoga teacher.
Kat uses words in a way that conjures up spiritual and ethereal sensibilities. When she speaks of “Taking Grace” during a Sun Salutation, I feel exactly what that means, and where it comes from. The language of Savasana, the releasing, and yet finding that goes along with this sacred asana was enhanced by her expression of “Sanctuary” and “coming home”. Sanctuary is a safe place, and a holy place. In both a religious and social way, it is a refuge, and often considered “holy”. Whether a Bird Sanctuary, or a SafeHouse for children, it IS a place where one is free from harm…the Ahimsa, of Sanskrit.
I enjoy so many of the offerings one finds at SY, and to continue to discover new points of awareness and appreciation just makes me happier that this is a Yoga Home that is also a Sanctuary. Sheri W.
Thanks Mindy you helped me change my being.
— CC
I have been practicing yoga for 5 years, individually with Mindy and in group classes at Simply Yoga. I can honestly say that my body is in better shape and my head is in a better place since I started yoga. The positive energy that Mindy and her teachers bring to the studio is contagious. I have free yoga classes where I live and yet I can’t imagine going anywhere but Simply Yoga.
— AM
Mindy, Not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet or not but, this medium of connection (video newsletter) is outstanding!! It brings such an immeasurable vibe to your studio! Kudos to you on your clarity of speech and the relay of your own personal brightness.
— GS
I wanted to stop and thank you yesterday, but got caught up in talking. The studio you’ve built is wonderful. I’ve never had a class I didn’t enjoy. The studio is an extension of you, and I already knew you were a special person, and Simply Yoga is a special place. Thank you for everything you do. I sincerely appreciate it!
— JR
Thanks Mindy. I feel so blessed to have found your studio, I can’t believe it was right under my nose for so long and I just discovered it now. Better now than never! The variety of classes is great. I’ve told all my friends and clients how awesome I feel after one of your classes. I’ll be around and look forward to my next class.
— ED
Thanks so much for offering the free week. It definitely convinced me to join the studio, and I probably would not have even tried if my friend hadn’t told me about the free week. So, it works! Thanks for having such a great studio!
— CB
I cannot tell you all how wonderful it is to have found the studio. In a sea of superficiality I have landed on a raft of authenticity, integrity, grace, and a wealth of knowledge - thank you all for making Simply the jewel that it is.
After long journey through different yoga studios I finally find the best place for me
All teachers are wonderful but Prema Jen Posner has a special place in my heart I never before feel this spiritual connection and I am very grateful for.” IR