We are committed to providing you with delicious, healthy cacao treats. We offer our charcuterie + sipping chocolate @ SY + are happy to take individual orders.

Contact: jbirelandacevedo@gmail.com and Follow our Instagram: @concept_cacao


Our farm

We are the proud owners of a small farm on the slopes of El Mogote, one of the highest mountains in the Cordillera range in central Dominican Republic where we grow + harvest our own cacao.  

We practice agroforestry + forest gardening, an indigenous tradition that is still practiced today in many rural communities.  We intercrop our 4000+ cacao trees with avocados, bananas, lemons, limes, oranges, pomegranate, sapodilla, plantains, yautia, and cinnamon, among others.  The farm is also planted with an over-story of hardwood trees, including moringa, mahogany, poinciana + Caribbean cedar that provide a shade canopy for the cacao.

Our story, because everyone appreciates a good story.

We are a family steeped in cacao + our company is proud to be involved in every process, from planting to product.   In an era of mass globalization, we believe our behavior is important.  We cherish our land, honor our family + workers, and respect our process and product.

We bring a love for the Dominican Republic, a passion for maintaining traditional, ethical, small-plot, garden agriculture, and a recognition that plant foods are the most effective + potent medicine for optimal human health + well-being.


Our offerings 

Our recipes center around our hand-ground cacao paste, which allows for a nutrient dense final product.  We create unique, globally inspired flavour profiles and pair them with superfood botanicals  to produce a heartbreakingly delicious cacao experience. Our secret is simple:  the integration of scientific research + the wisdom of traditional medicines = delight for body, mind, + spirit.


Our Quesillos (Spanish for cheesecake) are made in the raw food style, with ground cashew flour, cacao butter, coconut oil, our signature cacao paste, botanicals, spices, pure flavourings, and essential oils.

Classic:  our take on the NY style cheesecake, with a hint of coffee & Madagascar vanilla, topped with nibs.

Kanchani:  our salute to India & the goddess of turmeric, this Ayurvedic blend follows classical therapeutic recipes, with a vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper profile, topped with edible gold.

Salted Caramel:derived from South American lucuma, with a buttery caramel flavour, topped with a lucuma dulce de leche.

Que’chi Chili:  following the ancient Mayans, this flavour is a combination of 3 chilis, allspice and cinnamon.  Subtle with a hint of heat.  Topped with a slice of dried, chili-dusted mango.

Jade Green:  from China, a green lemon with a rich citrus flavor & aroma, with a base of preserved lemon.


Our signature product.  We are proud to produce the first-to-market cacao-paste charcuturie, singularly transformed from a traditional meat-based product historically seen in Europe to a C21 amazing superfood.  We hand-craft our logs with organic cacao paste + unique blends of nuts, fruits, + spices, aged in order that the flavors bloom within the cacao to produce delicious goodness.

Traditionally served as an appetizer plate, our charcuterie goes with just about any beverage or food. It is, after all, chocolate in its purest form. Plate it for dessert, afternoon tea, as breakfast with your coffee, or as an outstanding snack, anytime, anywhere.

Apricot Ginger: warm + peppery, this dynamic combination is the life of the party. 

Added benefits: anti-inflammatory + digestive + anti-nausea.

Gold Spice:  smoky + sweet, this synergistic combination derives from traditional 4000 year old Ayurvedic recipes.

Added benefits: anti-inflammatory + anti-oxidant + helps lower insulin

Cinnamon Cherry:   warm + fruity, with a sweet velvety profile.

Added benefits: anti-oxidant + anti-arthritic.

Orange Pistachio:  tart + citrusy, this flavour is uplifting  + light.

Added benefits:  mood-lifting + detoxifying 

Moroccan Mint:  a fresh combination of peppermint & spearmint essential oils, topped with a colorful organic sugar dust.

Tangerine Dream:  our Beatles tribute, with a combo of orange + tangerine essential oils with vanilla undertones, topped with orange zest.  

Ceremonial Sipping Chocolate

Single serving sipping chocolate on a stick is just the best thing ever!  

From our single origin criollo trees, they can be used in ceremony for individual servings, added to herbal tea blends, coffee, or eaten just as is.  Truly amazing.  

Two flavors:  classic “Love on the Run” + “Ohm Warrior, with sacred chaga mushroom