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Join Mindy in a session designed for you, including learning poses that work for your individual body. Breathing, relaxation, meditation or any other technique you desire to explore on your mat. If you like being spoiled, then this is your opportunity! If you are a new client, come for a special and receive 2 sessions for the price of 1, for $135! This is a perfect start to explore Yoga for yourself with all attention given to you and your body/mind. Give yourself or someone this special treat! To set up a time, contact us today!


Weekly Classes

All of Our Classes Will Help You With A Well Rounded, Balanced, and Complete Practice!


Class Descriptions


Gentle Hatha is for everyone. Teaching the fundamentals of yoga, using all the benefits, concentrating on breath, proper alignment and core development, done at an easy pace with individual attention.


Enjoy the combination of effort and ease in the traditional form of Hatha Yoga. Physical postures/asanas build strength and flexibility, while breathing techniques and relaxation invite ease in body and mind. All levels are welcome! Practice, Breathe and Renew!


Join Us for a delightful Hatha Yoga experience! Hatha Flow teaches us how to make the Mind, Body, Spirit connection which is so critical to a life full of vitality! Using the flow of Physical Postures (Asana), Breath (Pranayama), and Meditation (Dhyana) we will awaken our Body, Mind, and Spirit! This class is perfect for mid-higher levels and will leave you energized and full of joy!


 Life is all about Balance! In this NEW class offering, we will create that Happy Balance between Effort and Ease for any and every body! Yin, a quieter, cooler practice, will help release the strong holding that our connective tissue has around our joints. The Yang, a warmer effort, will help to stretch, lengthen  and tone the muscles in our body. A little bit Yin, A little bit Yang! In between, we will relax and then end with a lovely Sivasana. Join us and experience the Balance that we all seek physically, spiritually & emotionally.



A healing practice with multiple benefits for any and everyone no matter what your level of practice is. This class offers opportunity to release stress and tension while at the same time creating balance, peace, quiet and calm. This class allows you to really become more intimate with yourself to listen to what you really need in that moment!

Movement, Music, & Meditation

Join in for this wonderful combination! Gentle Yoga Asana to open up the channels for devotional music which will be followed by Guided Meditation into Sivasana and Relaxation. Enjoy the music and wonderful sounds! All levels welcome!


A quiet, slow practice which allows you to flow deep into the connective tissue in order to release the tight holdings in the joints. By retaining the holds in poses for several minutes, it allows the holdings to release and at the same time allows for the mind to relax in peace.


This class is an all levels class for any and everyone! Traditionally all yoga systems were considered to be a preparation for the inner evolution and outer transformation for which Kundalini, is invariably a catalyst. In the context of life as we know it, in which true change is very rare, Kundalini Yoga is not about mastering difficult-looking exercises. It's very user-friendly. Essentially, if you can breathe you can do it! Modifications are given for each exercise. Whether you're in shape, out of shape, or wavering between the two, Kundalini Yoga will definitely work for you! 


Students of all levels and yoga traditions are very welcome! This Practice is a safe Yoga practice where alignment in Asana (yoga posture) is emphasized. The Instructor demonstrates and helps  students to give them insight, knowledge and refinement of the Yoga postures. This practice is for the great benefit of your spine, joints and nervous system. It will help you with all of your other styles of Yoga and classes ! We look forward to having you join us! 


This class is for those who enjoy Meditation and for those who would like to learn how!
We will melt into exquisite Restorative Yoga postures to open the heart and bring our mind to a state of total bliss, easily and naturally. All levels are welcome! 


Gentle Yoga to release stress in the body ... Pranayama and Yoga Nidra to ease the mind. Enjoy a state of deep relaxation and soothe away tension. For beginners and advanced students, this slower, meditative style of yoga brings the body, mind and spirit into balance; leaving you feeling renewed and restored.


What is Energy Hatha?
While practicing traditional Hatha postures, in this NEW class, we will learn to feel the energy of the earth and the heavens while it moves through our bodies. As the awareness of this energy grows, we experience a practice that is light, bright, and fully grounded. This class is for those who are familiar with the asana and who would like to engage at a deeper level within their practice.