"Use your Eyes"


"Often, during the day, our eyes become unfocused and our vision blurs. This can happen when we're "checked out" or when our eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen all day long. We may also keep our vision soft in order to avoid invading the personal space of others.

"In yoga, however, we learn to focus our eyes with precision. Instead of allowing the eyes to be soft, we direct our gaze purposefully. Our gaze (called drishti in Sanskrit) can help us direct the energy of a pose, helping us stay mentally clear. The gaze also has other benefits. In twists, using your gaze can help you turn further. In balances, setting your gaze can keep you upright.

The next time you're in class, notice how you use your eyes. Are you sharp and precise in your focus, or do your eyes seem to wander? See if focusing your eyes more carefully can also focus your mind." YJ

Why is Yoga Teacher Training such a Transformational Experience?

                                                                                   School of Hatha Yoga at Simply Yoga, 200 hr

                                                                                   School of Hatha Yoga at Simply Yoga, 200 hr

Blog post by Kat Danio, E-RYT 500
Regardless of the decision to pursue teaching after completion, those that have attended a Yoga Teacher Training program can attest that the experience changed their life.  You may wonder…“why is Teacher Training such a transformational experience?” 
It is not how much you know or how much technical experience you have; rather it is the innate desire and curiosity to explore your edges, mentally and physically, which leads to transformation. Training programs are a safe haven encouraging self-reflection where you’ll recognize your limitations and connect to your strengths; releasing judgments to become more accepting of yourself and those in your life. While in the container of the program, you are able to unplug from the daily grind; letting go of unhealthy behaviors and creating bonds and friendships with like-minded people.  Your asana practice improves as you learn proper alignment, anatomy, and assists. Through the study of the eight fold path and other yogic texts you’ll expand your consciousness and find your authentic voice; liberating yourself from internal battles resulting in heightened perspective and focus.
A Yoga Teacher Training program is an empowering process. Please share with us…
Why are you interested in attending Simply Yoga’s Teacher Training program?
How has Teacher Training change your life?

What brings you to your Mat?

We are ready to hear from you, to help us connect with each other. Our mat draws many of us as a refuge where we feel safe, open and willing. Many emotions can rise up and through the Asanas can be let go. Share with us something special about when you come to sit on your mat. Some love the physical experience, some the spiritual connection and many feel its the combination of both. We are so fortunate at Simply Yoga to have a place and space to feel safe, free and surrounded by caring and loving friends. What brings you to your mat? What draws you to the practice?