After 30 years of classic Hatha Yoga instruction and study in NYC and at an ashram in Nassau, The Bahamas, I stumbled upon Kundalini at Simply Yoga. To be honest, I had NO idea what a Kundalini practice involved. What I saw was a 7AM class scheduled on Tuesday mornings at SY. I signed up because the early morning class suited my early morning energy. I sat on my mat, watched and listened as the instructor, Scott (spiritual name, Sat Atma) proceeded to conduct the Kundalini training. The terms and vocabulary were different from the Hatha language I knew. The emphasis on breathing and the geometry of the poses, the inclusion of music and chanting and the engagement of the bandhas, mudras and emphasis on bringing awareness to the internal activity intrigued and resonated with me. Even the suggestion ( not requirement) of wearing white and cotton and head wrap brought the practice to a new level for me.

Simply Yoga is a wonderful space for so many reasons, but the inclusion of Kundalini among the classes offered, with two excellent instructorsLisa Feldman (spiritual name Taran Inder) currently at 7:30am Mondays, and Scott Adelman on Thursdays at 6pm, both are certainly a huge part. I encourage anyone who is curious to join one of these classes. All level of competency is welcome and you will know soon whether this powerful and mystical practice is for you. I found that I became even stronger when doing my Hatha practice, and that there is no conflict in exposing one’s body, heart and mind to both disciplines. I know that has been working for me, and I’m in the second year of my Kundalini Yoga practice.

I look forward to seeing you in class….I’m almost always there!

Sheri Weiner (spiritual name Ram Deva)