Welcoming You Home. This is just The Beginning . . . with Jill, Joanne & Mindy

We look forward to welcoming you home to the

1st Annual SY Women’s Retreat!

To retreat is to disconnect from the everyday routine. It’s a time to cast aside to-do’s and reclaim our identity beyond the roles of mother, sister, wife, employee, or friend. As we create the space to move away from the daily norm and grind, simultaneously we are moving towards something even more powerful and real- ourselves. Today’s pace has us moving so fast that we can miss the way the moon illuminates the pre-dawn sky, the chance to dance to our favorite song, and the pauses in the moments between that hold the gift of true peace. When we carve out the time to move slowly, sit in silence, be with our bodies, and connect with our souls- we are carving out the time to welcome ourselves home. True health and happiness stems from nurturing this most important relationship, not as a luxury for some but as a birthright for all. When we take the time to turn down the volume of the world around us, our inner voice of wisdom gets louder. The voice that knows exactly what we need, and the truth of what we want.

Imagine a day designed for effortless pleasure. A day for luscious body work, enlightening discussion, soul warming tea, and gratitude in action. A day to retreat without packing a bag or boarding a plane. A day to be in the company of other like-minded women supporting one another in the purest endeavor of caring for our whole selves, and one another. A day to feel good in body, mind, and soul. A day for inspiration and rest. A day to be pampered. A day to just be.

We have lovingly crafted a day just for you. A day filled with gentle and Partner Yoga, spiritual discussion and reflection, and body work infused with essential oils. The best part- it’s at the studio you already know and love. If this sounds like what you have been craving, join us to satisfy your soul.

Sunday, March 24... 12:30-6:00pm