Dear Mindy and Simply Yoga;

Once again I find myself in the enviable position of heaping praise, delight and gratitude for Simply Yoga and its wonderful array of classes, and more importantly, teachers. As a steady, devoted and enthusiastic student of Kundalini Yoga, thanks to the existence three or so years ago, of a Tuesday 7AM Kundalini class, taught by Scott Adelman. This led to a disciplined and devotional practice that continues to grow and enhance me daily. That early morning class was retired from the schedule, and he teaches on Thursday evenings at 6. I am thrilled that an early morning class is being offered now, on Mondays at 7AM, taught by an inspired, and inspiring teacher, Anya. For those of us who practice Kundalini Yoga, we cherish the teachings that come with the Kriyas, the philosophy, the science and the music. 

For any who are curious about Kundalini, both Scott and Anya provide both guidance and grace, inspiration and clarity.  As we know, the early morning is particularly wonderful for a Yoga practice, and Anya truly bring a gentle awakening to the experience. The Crystal Bowls she plays during the Savasana adds a layer to the experience, and we can only feel more energized and blessed with the time spent on the mat. I encourage anyone who is curious about Kundalini, or looking to enrich their existing practice with this early morning entrance to the day, the week and one’s body, mind and heart.

And I thank Simply Yoga once again for making this Yoga home a sanctuary and wonderful place to meet new friends, teachers and ourselves.

Namaste/ Sat Nam

Sheri Levine