Namaste and Welcome

Namaste and Welcome to our New website and our very first Blog post! We wanted to create a place where you can voice your thoughts, opinions, share your ideas and be a part of our Simply Yoga community.  We are really looking forward to sharing more yogic insights with you via this platform and hope that you will support us in our mission to inspire more people to get on their mats! 

Everyday many of us are blessed to wake up and find our way onto our mats to help us begin a Blissful Yoga day. How fortunate we are and what a delight to be able to begin our day this way or to end our day on our mat. It is on our mat, that we find our bliss, a place of refuge, peaceful moments and stillness. Our Hatha practice leads many of us to Meditation which we truly feel helps us to create a less reactive state of mind. When we are less reactive, everything changes. We can take a step back, come to our breath and watch the changes occur. We find that the daily practice of getting quiet and meditating really is cumulative for your own personal growth and peace. What do you feel? Tell us about your time on the mat! Share your thoughts about Meditation with us and inspire others to begin.  

Many of us began our Yoga journeys at different times but we all feel like beginners every time we begin our practice. To us this is one of the many magical aspects of the journey home to ourselves. 

The intention behind this new blog is to share perspectives from our teachers as well as, you, our beloved students about your practice, and how it impacts your day to day to life. We hope you will join us by submitting your stories with us. We want to hear from you. Here are some helpful ways to begin! 

Why did you begin practicing Yoga and how has it changed your life for the better?  How has your practice impacted your relationships with your family and friends?  Other themes we look forward to covering here will include Yoga Philosophy, Theory, Meditation techniques, healthy recipes and health benefits. We welcome any and all ideas so please do not hesitate to email us with anything that comes up for you. 

From our hearts to yours we wish you a Blissful Yoga Day! 


Mindy and your Simply Yoga of Delray Beach Family