Christmas Day Blog


Summer and Winter Solstice, Full Moon on Christmas Day…the heavenly powers all working in concert for the Planet…bringing hopes of peace, vibrations of joy and expansive expressions of love.

Add the wonder of Prema’s beautiful, sincere and inspired Yoga instruction and inspiration, and where it couldn’t seem to become more meaningful, we are graced with the magic and transformative sounds of the Crystal Bowls, caressed into sound by Tecia.

This was an event on Christmas morning, attended by many, all in a spirit of gratitude and sweetness….

Thank You, Mindy and Simply Yoga, Prema and Tecia and the Universe for giving us a true Christmas Gift….the gift of humanity caring and sharing, seeking and finding the beauty and goodness in each of us.

To me, that is the metaphor of Christmas, regardless of one’s religious upbringing or choice. Recognizing that we are all sharing this beautiful home. Let us always recognize and honor the light that shines within each of us…and let that light shine upon others.

Namaste, Sheri Weiner